Pre / Post Op Care

Massage therapy plays a significant role in both pre-operative and post-operative care.

Before surgery, it can reduce anxiety, enhance lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, and decrease muscle tension, all of which prepare the body for the upcoming procedure.

After surgery, it aids in managing pain, reducing swelling through techniques such as lymphatic drainage, managing scar tissue formation, and improving the range of motion. Furthermore, massage therapy can provide relief from the emotional and physical discomfort associated with gender dysphoria, promoting relaxation and body awareness.

This holistic approach, especially in gender-affirming care and recovery from surgeries like mastectomies, underscores the therapeutic benefits of massage in supporting both physical and mental healing processes.

Pre-Operative Care:

Reduce Anxiety

Pre-operative anxiety is common. Massage therapy can help reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and prepare you mentally for your surgery.

Lymphatic Drainage

A specialized form of massage called lymphatic drainage can help reduce swelling and improve lymphatic circulation.

Improve Circulation

Massage can improve blood circulation, which can be especially helpful for patients with circulatory issues. Improved circulation can help decrease bruising.

Decrease Muscle Tension

Massage can help alleviate muscle tension, which is beneficial as tense muscles can hinder the surgery and recovery process.

Post-Operative Care:

Pain Management

Massage therapy can assist in pain management post-surgery. It can help reduce muscle pain and discomfort, provided it’s done with the patient’s comfort and safety in mind.

Edema (Swelling) Reduction

Massage techniques like lymphatic drainage can help reduce post-operative swelling by promoting fluid movement in the lymphatic system.

Scar Tissue Management

Post-surgery, massage can help prevent excessive scar tissue buildup and improve the appearance and flexibility of scars.

Improved Range of Motion

After surgery, patients may experience restricted range of motion. Massage can aid in regaining flexibility and movement in the affected area.

Alleviating Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria is a feeling of discomfort or distress that may occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth or sex-related physical characteristics. Transgender and gender-diverse folks may experience this at some point in their lives. Massage therapy can provide a sense of relaxation, comfort, and body awareness that may help alleviate some of the physical and emotional discomfort associated with gender dysphoria.

Massage therapy can be a valuable component of pre and post-operative care. It can help prepare the body for surgery, support the healing process, and improve overall well-being.  Meganne focuses on gender-affirming care, osteopathic surgeries and mastectomy recovery.

I’m commited to guiding you
towards mental comfort
through compassionate touch
and professional care.

I’m commited to guiding you towards mental comfort
through compassionate touch and professional care.