Sitka Massage Therapy

Massage for Mind & Body: Where Healing Meets Inner Peace.

Sitka Massage Therapy

Massage for Mind & Body: Where Healing Meets Inner Peace.

Our Services

Meganne is dedicated to assisting clients grappling with both acute and chronic pain. With a keen emphasis on sports-related injuries, pre/post-operative rehabilitation, and mental well-being, her therapeutic techniques encompass deep tissue massage, strategic stretching, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, and osteopathic manipulations.

Sports Rehab

Massage therapy can be highly beneficial for athletes and individuals who engage in physical activity, as it can help improve performance, prevent injuries, and aid in post-exercise recovery.

Pre / Post Op Massage

Massage Therapy can be a valuable treatment for people preparing for surgery or healing afterwards. Whether it’s top surgery, open heart or orthopedic, massage can aid in your operation journey.

Mental Health

Beyond simply addressing physical discomfort, the intension is to create a safe space where people from all walks of life can feel seen, heard and held.

About us

Meganne Calabrigo, with nearly a decade of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Vancouver, has found her passion in the tranquil surroundings of the Comox Valley. She recently completed the Corrective Exercise Specialist program through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, allowing her to seamlessly blend exercise and hands-on manual therapy to identify habits contributing to injuries and offer invaluable assistance to clients dealing with both acute and chronic pain.

Meganne specializes in treating sports-related injuries, guiding pre and post-operation rehabilitation (including orthopedic procedures, top surgery, mastectomy, and heart bypass), and addressing mental health concerns. Her diverse range of modalities includes deep tissue work, stretching, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, and osteopathic manipulations. Moreover, Meganne takes pride in creating a safe and inclusive haven for the LGBTQ2+ community at Sitka, where individuals can find visibility, understanding, and reconnection with their body and mind.

From the Blog

"Meganne is a gifted massage therapist!

I will leave our appointment in less pain, more relaxed, and feeling refreshed. Thanks Meganne for being so good!!”

I've been going to Meganne for years!

I will continue to come back to her because of her attention to detail and her warm and welcoming demeanour that helps create an atmosphere of trust and comfort. Not only does she check in with you before a session about your physical health, but also checks in on your mental health to make sure she has a comprehensive picture of what is going on to ensure she personalizes and tailors each treatment to my needs. After her massage, she always goes out of her way to provide stretches, exercises, and additional therapies to help you get back to 100% as fast as possible

Meganne isn't your typical massage therapist.

She is someone who genuinely cares about the well-being of her clients and goes above and beyond to make sure they have the best possible care. I’ve been recommending Meganne for years now and will continue to do so.”

Meganne is a talented and caring RMT

I have been to many in the valley throughout my years here; but I’m staying with her. Her space is welcoming and calming as is her energy. She discusses any areas to address before every massage and we agree together where to focus the session. She is very receptive to adjusting her pressure as I would like; as well as working longer on areas that need it. Afterwards we discuss areas that needed extra work and she will suggest additional stretching/exercises/ therapies (ice/heat) to help until our next session.

I have also worked with her through an ICBC claim and she has been exceptionally supportive for me in dealing with them and completing all paperwork needed for them in a timely manner.
Through her use of the Jane app, scheduling her is easy.
All in all I would, and do recommend her to friends and family. She is a lovely therapist to work with.”